I noticed on page 39 I wrote that Omicron is the 17th Greek number when it is the 16th. I really should have written Pi as in ‘squaring the circle’. I will be fixing this latter and also adding that Omicron equals 70 as does Ayin in Hebrew. Ayin is the all-seeing eye on the illuminati pyramid. The first variant was Delta which symbol is a triangle, next was Omicron which was a hidden all-seeing eye, and then we had BA which equals 21, B=2 and A=1. Now we are told the new variants are XD and XE, which in Greek also add to 21. X=600, D=4, E=5 and we get 604+605=1209. 12 and 9 are 21. They are literally putting their mark on us with these vaccines. There is a lot more in the write up. Hope you like it.

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