The Perfection Of Man

or A Symbol Is Worth A Thousand Words

A book published in 1935 by Freemason Paul Foster Case, titled “The Great Seal of the United States”, is the basis of this writing. In the book he shows what the seal of the United States represents and gives a cursory understanding of what the symbols and numerology depict. The seal is seen on the back of every ONE Dollar bill produced by the Federal Reserve. The front of the seal of America is the eagle and the reverse of the seal is the pyramid with the all-seeing eye. These are read right to left as one would read Hebrew.

“All symbols of the Gnosis, all figures of occultism, all kabbalistic keys of prophecy, are resumed in the sign of the pentagram.”

The Great Seal of the United States, Paul Foster Case, p. 19.

The figure of the obverse seal found on the back of the dollar bill has many interpretations, but for this writing it will be confined to using the golden ratio since this method exposes a hidden calendar. One interpretation will use the Fibonacci Sequence and the other will use The Golden Section of Pythagoras, both arriving at the same end date for the capstone, 2048.

Masons teach that the right side up 5-pointed star is a symbol for the perfect man. The New World Order is supposed to culminate in the perfection of man, where man becomes like God, where man becomes his own creator. The measurements contained in the pentagram show what is called the Golden Section of Pythagoras or The Golden Mean or Fibonacci Sequence or God’s Ratio. The pentagram is made up of 5 lines that each measure 21. The points at the tips of the star, when a line is drawn around to each of them to connect each point, gives a pentagon with sides of length 13. The acute triangles that make up the 5 points of the star have 2 sides each of length 8 and the base of length 5. The base of each acute triangle makes a pentagon inside the star. It is from these measurements that the symbol begins to reveal its secrets. Using the golden section/ratio is the key to unlocking the meaning of the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill. The base of the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill begins at the year 1776, the foundation of the New World. 1+7+7+6=21. These are some examples showing why Agenda 21 is so called, 21 representing man perfected. Luciferians believe God did not create us correctly and through the use of technology, a technological enslavement, we will be able to perfect ourselves and we will all become ‘Supermen’. Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050 all speak of a world of peace and safety (1 Thessalonians 5:3-7) where there are no borders and where there is one ruler, one religion, one economy and one culture. It is a new Tower of Babel. A word study on ‘tower’ will show that it also means ‘church’. The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is also called the pyramid of Joseph. It is 481.25 feet tall which is 5775 inches. One royal, or divine, cubit measures 27.5 inches. 5775 divided by 27.5 equals 210. 210 is the number of cubits that make up the height of the Giza pyramid. Given that the number zero is not included with gematria makes it 21. This number 21 means everything to the Global Adepts and is the key to unlock everything we see and experience around us.

The Pyramid of Giza is a calendar of the Old World showing its beginning and end. The Old World Order lasted 5775 years, the height in inches of the Giza pyramid. The New World, as America is called, began the next year in 5776 or 1776. On the back of the petrodollar is another pyramid representing a calendar for the New World Order. A book published in 1935 written by Paul Foster Case titled “The Great Seal of the United States”, describes the obverse seal as being a calendar where each step represents a single 13-year cycle. Of note is the publish date of 1935 and him writing that using this counting method meant that America had its most significant years ahead of it in 1944 and 1945, Pg. 31-32. This is important to note because in 1935 Hitler had not yet invaded Poland, there was no sniff of world war at the time. How did Mr. Case know? Keep reading and you will know also. Case says that the Founder’s used the principles of the Bible to create America and that we must look to the law of liberty in the Bible and be doers of the work if we are to be blessed in our deeds.

For much more information: Download the pdf below.

3 responses to “The Perfection Of Man”

    • You are welcome. Keep in mind that the people perpetrating this are usurpers of Gods Word and are therefore seeking to change God’s times into their own, just as warned about that the last generation would seek to do because they want to be their own Gods. This is mans timeline being forced on us as they try to overtake the wisdom of Gods fingerprint contained in everything around us. I wanted to keep the paper focused on the timeline itself, but the secret mysteries and Revelation are so intertwined that I found it impossible. It is at least worth reading and keeping the info in the back of your mind so you can recognize their evil future manifestations. Anyway, God Bless you and keep up the Good fight.


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